Friday, July 13, 2012

Mountain Dreamer has Gone Gypsy

Hello everyone, it has been a very long time since I posted here. I thank you all for coming around to check on me and leaving such wonderful comments. (Except all the spam there seems to be.)

I am doing fine, and finally have started blogging again. However I am now on WordPress. You can find Me at Wandering Gypsy Spirit . I will leave my blogs up here on blogger, perhaps to revisit at some point.

I do need to get around and visit everyone, bear with me, I will get there sooner later.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dream Sleep, Slowly Diminishing

This way out

Image by Theorris via Flickr

My dreams have been in hibernation for quite some time now.  For personal reasons, I had fled that which I enjoyed beyond reason, blogging.  Ensconced safely within darkened dungeons of my own making, I sought security, however false it may have been.  It’s hard to describe just how debilitating, mentally, this action became.

I have since realized my mistake and climbed out of those festering, deceiving caverns, and started to live once again.  Yet the dreams still did not find their freedom, seeming to prefer the darkness.  Not an easy thing for a person who lived for the dreams.  Luckily though, I feel them returning, making a cautious accent into the light of acknowledgement.  Perhaps, a little time was required for the emergence of my essence once again.  A re-birth, if you will, of all that was important to me.

Along with the resurrection of my day dreams, I have considered a visual renovation for this vessel of my vagary.  I enjoy the simplicity of this page, but there is lacking a certain flair.  I have already chosen an image for the header, and received permission from it’s creator for it’s use. I now only need to decide on the format and structure that would best suit my whimsy.  Soon, there will be new dreams posted, and hopefully the warmth of comfortable surroundings.

The new header will be courtesy of Madonna via Personas.  Personas is a Firefox extension that allows you to dress up your browser, placing a header like image of your choosing at the top , behind all your toolbars and buttons. 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn Equinox, Lapse into Dreams of a Recent Past

A soft white blanket of crystalline snow covers the tapestry of landscape.  Heavy and wet from early season moisture.  dampening, cleansing and renewing, while it protects, covers, and conceals, giving life in slumbering silence. 

There is something special about the first snows of Autumn’s equinox.  The protective blanket that covers all, helping the trees to shed their colorful leaves. lolling them to sleep for the long winter’s rest.  A scent of freshness, similar… yet ever so differing from rain… somehow more clean and pure.  The crispness of a morning cool adding to the cleansing effect.

The creeks, streams, and ponds matted artistically with white lace of opacity, unrivaled by any creations of man. Frosted tendrils that frame and accentuate the glassy surface.   Crisp pure water, babbling unhindered over and under the glacial beauty of frigid wonder. Clear untainted mountain springs, brimming over rocks sculpted by nature.  Leaving behind a shimmering coat of translucent ice, sparkling vibrantly in a morning sun, like jewels of exquisite beauty.

Autumns equinox, delivered of a peaceful rest.  The splendor of its colorful kaleidoscope a mere figment of memory.  Replaced by virgin powder wondrous and astonishing in it’s own right.  Branches, once vibrant with fiery colors, now displaying flawless frosted crystals of exquisite delicacy.  Mountain spirits stilled for a harmonious rest, undisturbed, hushed, hibernation.   A solitude so extravagant in resounding silence!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Fades, Autumn Colors Blossom!

Autumn coloration at Karasawa of the Hodaka Mo...

Image via Wikipedia

It’s that time of year when the temperature slowly drops, adding a welcome crispness to the environs.  The mountain air is visible as a misty breath when exhaled.  Mother nature deposits pure, white, crystalline surprises on the mountain tops.  Extraordinary colors are born within the aspen trees and mountain foliage.  A magical time, of slumber and change.  The beginning of nature’s suspended  growth, a hibernation of beauty and beast.


In the mountains, it comes early, the end of August, beginning of September.  That time of year when a heavy wet snow can envelope your domain overnight, and be gone by days end.  A special time of year, cleansing and refreshing. 

My thoughts wander, taking me on a journey of times past.  Trails explored, high mountain bowels traversed.  Rejoicing in the wonder of natures own stimulating, dynamic, art.  Mountain lochs framed by newly formed ice, reflecting a kaleidoscope of color.  Pure, fresh and cold, the water makes it’s own prism of refracted light.  A spine tingling beauty, so magnificently exquisite it takes the breath away.

There are few places where the changing of seasons is so pronounced.  Punctuated with visual beauty and splendid colors.  A progression of time displayed in wondrous pictorial scenes.  When you add the magical sunsets to the canvas, the reward is stimulating.

A setting sun, lights the sky with embers of fire, coalescing in charismatic shades.   Shadows darken, accented by brilliant lavender, rusty wine, and subdued ochre.  The rugged horizon concealing a flaming sun, casting ghosts upon the elaborately colored foliage.  A far away wind stirs the fresh mountain top snow, swirling a faint pattern, like intricate lace, over the peaks.  The cold soaks through the bones, enlivening senses, awaking the spirit.  An experience, sensual and exhilarating.

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