Sunday, July 26, 2009

Natures Wonders Reborn

A massive forest fire

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I frequently visited sites of old forest fires.  It was a wonderment to me, the process, laid clearly before me.  Natures beauties stripped bare, devoured and ravaged. Sometimes by her own hand, more often though, by  ignorance,  tragic blunders or selfish intentions, of man.  Yet new growth, striving for existence, freed by the destruction, springing forth, pushing its way through the devastation.

The beauty of new young life, erupting through the tale tale signs of depredation that came before.  lush green grasses springing up beside the twisted worn skeleton of fire ravaged trees. Grey and charred, accented by rufescent oranges, as if tattooed by fire.  The pitch pine blood of the old feeding and fostering the young, timid and frail natural topiary, struggling for life. Eloquent fronds reaching skyward, soaking in the nourishing rays of summer sunlight.  The fragrant scents of new life, fresh and piercing, mingled among the charred and musty scents of defoliation.

Chipmunks and squirrels boisterous and full of vivacity, bounding among hollowed deadfalls.  Playing, presenting a symphony of warbling chirps, confessing their joy in life.  Seeking companionships and chattering amongst each other.  A cottontail rabbit, silent and watchful, caution emblazoned on it’s beautiful quiet features.  poised and ready to flee, sampling fresh sprigs of new mountain grass.  Camp robins and blue jay’s, fluttering amid the naked stalks of tree limbs barren and scorched.  Their sing song voices plaintive, sorrowful, and poignant.

I sit perched against a granite shard of stone, anonymous, quiet and still… a silent  observer.  To bear wittness with heavy heart, twisted by conflicting emotons.  Aware of the ghosts of centuries old and the emergent spirits of urchins from a new day.   Bitterness, stoic and unsteady  from the loss of ancient grandeur, yet a certain  wonderment and fascination at the burgeoning life dawning before my very eyes.  The cycle to be repeated elsewhere in which we are insignificant spectators.

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Jena Isle said...

I feel like I was there with you, Eric. How you described it leaves me with a heavy heart.

But the picture is majestic in its power. Who can ever guess that such beauty could cause so much devastation?

Eric S. said...

The fires are amazing from a distance, and terrifying up close. I always was amazed at the rebirth of new growth not long after a fire. But yes, it does leave one with a heavy heart because of the loss of natures creations.

NicoleB said...

I think the fires would terrify me.
But the wonders of rejuvenation must truly be amazing to watch!

Eric S. said...

Hi Nicole, thanks for stopping by. The fires are terrifying when they happen. A year or two afterward though, and things can be beautifully reborn.

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