Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Inferno: Shiver Me Timbers, There’s Not Much Time!

This Mountain Dreamer, is testing out his sea legs. I've signed on as Second Officer and Navigator over at The Inferno. She's a blog ship of sturdy nature, fast running and sleek as can be. We're captained by the truly talented Mistress Bad Kitty, and chaperoned by The Pub Wench.

She's a vessel created and crewed by the members of The Artists Challenge and Dante's Pub. Her mission is to search for writers, poets, and artists of the word. Adventures are sure to be had, and valuable plunder of indescribable beauty captured. Please, come on over and visit me at my new play ground. I've posted a fun little story just for you.

The Inferno: Shiver Me Timbers, There’s Not Much Time!


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Eric, it is my first time here in your blog and I want to say that I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing anyway... See you around. :)

Eric S. said...

HI Grace, thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the day dreams of mountain things. Your welcome anytime.

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