Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Fades, Autumn Colors Blossom!

Autumn coloration at Karasawa of the Hodaka Mo...

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It’s that time of year when the temperature slowly drops, adding a welcome crispness to the environs.  The mountain air is visible as a misty breath when exhaled.  Mother nature deposits pure, white, crystalline surprises on the mountain tops.  Extraordinary colors are born within the aspen trees and mountain foliage.  A magical time, of slumber and change.  The beginning of nature’s suspended  growth, a hibernation of beauty and beast.


In the mountains, it comes early, the end of August, beginning of September.  That time of year when a heavy wet snow can envelope your domain overnight, and be gone by days end.  A special time of year, cleansing and refreshing. 

My thoughts wander, taking me on a journey of times past.  Trails explored, high mountain bowels traversed.  Rejoicing in the wonder of natures own stimulating, dynamic, art.  Mountain lochs framed by newly formed ice, reflecting a kaleidoscope of color.  Pure, fresh and cold, the water makes it’s own prism of refracted light.  A spine tingling beauty, so magnificently exquisite it takes the breath away.

There are few places where the changing of seasons is so pronounced.  Punctuated with visual beauty and splendid colors.  A progression of time displayed in wondrous pictorial scenes.  When you add the magical sunsets to the canvas, the reward is stimulating.

A setting sun, lights the sky with embers of fire, coalescing in charismatic shades.   Shadows darken, accented by brilliant lavender, rusty wine, and subdued ochre.  The rugged horizon concealing a flaming sun, casting ghosts upon the elaborately colored foliage.  A far away wind stirs the fresh mountain top snow, swirling a faint pattern, like intricate lace, over the peaks.  The cold soaks through the bones, enlivening senses, awaking the spirit.  An experience, sensual and exhilarating.

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Rebecca said...

Great Post.

The season change is not so obvious here in WV. The night temperatures are dropping a bit and plants are 'hardening' and dropping more seed. I'm fairly tired of trying to keep up with mother nature (bugs and weeds)so I'm looking forward to some pretty white snow.

Eric S. said...

Thank you Rebbeca. I'm sure you have some glorious colors during the Autumn changes. I know what you mean about being tired keeping up with summer, and ready for a little snow.

You have a nice blog by the way.

judi said...

Eric, your prose is beautiful!
You have succeeded in making this valley dweller long for the mountains!

Eric S. said...

Thanks Jlo, there's something about the mountains. Once in your blood, you just can't get rid of it.

Mountain Woman said...

Beautiful photo and I understand what you mean about the beauty of the changing colors in the mountain. We're just getting started here. Your writing was beautiful.

Eric S. said...

Thank you Mountain Woman. I love the autumn season and it beauty. With the changing colors in the mountains, you just can't go wrong.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Eric for joining my community on MBL :-) Hope you are having a great weekend!

Eric S. said...

My pleasure Rebecca. It's been an absolutely wonderful weekend so far. Thank you.

Kel said...

Awesome photo.

And a really strong piece of writing--well done. It evokes in my memory the richness and clarity of color, scent, and over-all place--Colorado high country in the autumn.

Though so much of it resonated strongly, I particularly liked "rusty wine" as a color descriptive (and unexpected combination of words and yet completely dead on!).

Autumn IS an intense sensual experience in the high country and you've captured a moment of that very well.



Eric S. said...

Thanks Kel, I so miss the mountain colors, vivid vision, and soothing scents.

tashabud said...

Enjoyed reading your poetic prose. I do feel your fondness and strong yearning for your old home state.

Once again, you've described the place so beautifully and enticing. It's more beautiful to me because I've seen the place with my own eyes. And fully agree with your description.


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