Sunday, August 16, 2009

Worlds Precipice

Top of the worldLooking out from the worlds precipice, taking in the visions of beauty and wonder.  There is a humbling feeling coursing through my being.  I am but a tiny, nondescript, part of the world. When held in comparison to all the rest of creation, one can feel nothing but an appreciation of life.  To see all the majestic structures and creations below me, appear so small and insignificant, makes me marvel at the world as a whole.  An immeasurable collaboration of individually unsubstantial beings and objects.  When viewed as a whole, in cooperation with each other… there is a singular nobility. 

This is a view every living soul should experience, one that will no doubt leave a tangible mark on a persons thoughts.  To stand at the summit of a 14,000 peak, surrounded by a dark blue sky, accented with orange coral and purple clouds floating, seemingly right in front of you.  The feeling of being able to take a small step out onto one of those clouds, and ride the winds in style.  Looking down on the lush green of a valley floor, or darkness of forest trees.  The soft colors of earthen wonders coalesce perfectly with the vibrancy of a fire lit sunset.  A sense of serenity and peace fills my thoughts, and give comfort to a weary spirit.

The fragrance of mountain tundra, so unlike anything else.  Clear and crisp, punctuating the fresh air, untouched and pure.   The coolness of the wind on my face as I look north, facing the spirits of old.  The shrill warning of a Whistle Pig, concerned only with my proximity to its abode.  A loan mountain goat, picks it’s way across a cliff face, far in the distance, a picture of grace and beauty. 

Seems like a relic of the past, a fond memory, stored carefully away.  As personal and individual as that memory of a birthday or wedding.  Memories valued and treasured, like jewels in a vault, kept carefully.  Frequently handled, dusted, polished, and brought to a exquisite sheen. 

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ShawnD said...

I felt at peace reading this, the whole time, I'm imagining myself in this scenario and it just kept me in awe.

Eric S. said...

Thanks Shawn, these are the one's I really like writing, they take me home.

Kel said...

Honest to gawd I never feel as perfectly at peace as I do when I'm sitting on top a 14er. Up there near as possible to the great adventure waiting us--space. The wind, my long-held sister dancing around me.

Eric S. said...

There is indeed something peaceful about it. Of course we were raised there, so it's to be expected of us. And yes, sister wind is always a welcome guest up there, one to give plenty of respect.

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