Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn Equinox, Lapse into Dreams of a Recent Past

A soft white blanket of crystalline snow covers the tapestry of landscape.  Heavy and wet from early season moisture.  dampening, cleansing and renewing, while it protects, covers, and conceals, giving life in slumbering silence. 

There is something special about the first snows of Autumn’s equinox.  The protective blanket that covers all, helping the trees to shed their colorful leaves. lolling them to sleep for the long winter’s rest.  A scent of freshness, similar… yet ever so differing from rain… somehow more clean and pure.  The crispness of a morning cool adding to the cleansing effect.

The creeks, streams, and ponds matted artistically with white lace of opacity, unrivaled by any creations of man. Frosted tendrils that frame and accentuate the glassy surface.   Crisp pure water, babbling unhindered over and under the glacial beauty of frigid wonder. Clear untainted mountain springs, brimming over rocks sculpted by nature.  Leaving behind a shimmering coat of translucent ice, sparkling vibrantly in a morning sun, like jewels of exquisite beauty.

Autumns equinox, delivered of a peaceful rest.  The splendor of its colorful kaleidoscope a mere figment of memory.  Replaced by virgin powder wondrous and astonishing in it’s own right.  Branches, once vibrant with fiery colors, now displaying flawless frosted crystals of exquisite delicacy.  Mountain spirits stilled for a harmonious rest, undisturbed, hushed, hibernation.   A solitude so extravagant in resounding silence!


Mary Sonya Conti said...

In reading your elegant sonnet to the Autumnal Equinox tears flow easily. Everything about this piece brings back memories and love from a time gone by. My Brother Ricky passed in the late autumn of the year. Yes, the leaves lolling to sleep for the long winter's rest. Oh Eric all of this completes the story my Mother told of Ricky in Above the Thunder. With so much gratitude thank you for this Gift you have given me.

Eric S. said...

Sonya, I am so glad you liked it. Your painting inspired me to write. My memories of the mountains are vivid, and so comforting to me. It pleases me to no end that they can comfort you also.

cheryl said...

Merry Christmas Eric, wherever you are. I hope life is treating you well and your dreams come true in the new year, take great care :)

Miss said...

Happy Spring!

Eric S. said...

Thank you Miss, I hope to be posting some more daydreams here very soon.

Dan Baker said...

Hi Eric,

Thank you for following by Blog! This is a beautiful piece of writing, and is so close to my heart. Once a year I travel to New Zealand to climb among the NZ alps; "A solitude so extravagant in resounding silence" I don't think there are any words that could better capture how I feel about mountains and nature's beauty. I feel a tear in my eye just thinking about it. Thank you!

Eric S. said...

Hey Dan, The mountains are that one place I feel "connected". There is a certain spirituality that comes with the vast mountain beauty. For those who have never experienced it, there is no understanding. I too feel the tear in my eye anytime I think of my beloved mountains.

kkipp said...

Loved the painting, and the post. And how lovely that your post provided a soothing moment for Sonya.

I miss the first snows. I don't think I've felt that grace for well over two decades. We get up to the snow, once or twice, during the winter months, but generally later in the winter season.

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