Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dream Sleep, Slowly Diminishing

This way out

Image by Theorris via Flickr

My dreams have been in hibernation for quite some time now.  For personal reasons, I had fled that which I enjoyed beyond reason, blogging.  Ensconced safely within darkened dungeons of my own making, I sought security, however false it may have been.  It’s hard to describe just how debilitating, mentally, this action became.

I have since realized my mistake and climbed out of those festering, deceiving caverns, and started to live once again.  Yet the dreams still did not find their freedom, seeming to prefer the darkness.  Not an easy thing for a person who lived for the dreams.  Luckily though, I feel them returning, making a cautious accent into the light of acknowledgement.  Perhaps, a little time was required for the emergence of my essence once again.  A re-birth, if you will, of all that was important to me.

Along with the resurrection of my day dreams, I have considered a visual renovation for this vessel of my vagary.  I enjoy the simplicity of this page, but there is lacking a certain flair.  I have already chosen an image for the header, and received permission from it’s creator for it’s use. I now only need to decide on the format and structure that would best suit my whimsy.  Soon, there will be new dreams posted, and hopefully the warmth of comfortable surroundings.

The new header will be courtesy of Madonna via Personas.  Personas is a Firefox extension that allows you to dress up your browser, placing a header like image of your choosing at the top , behind all your toolbars and buttons. 

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