My Other Blogs

Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy, is the blog that started all my writing crazes.  It is the life blood of my creative nature, and serves as a starting point for me to refer to.  Many of my earlier articles, are of poorer quality, but stand to show that improvement is possible with practice and effort.  It is where I share my pearls of nostalgia, fond memories of a youth spent frolicking in the mountain wilderness and small town atmosphere.  It also holds a collection of fiction stories, some far better than others.  I have considered at times deleting the blog because of the earlier works, but decided against it each time.  With out a basis to gauge my improvement, where is it on the scale that I find myself. The following I have acquired there, has inspired me to continue blogging, and given strength to my soul on more than one occasion.

Side Notes, is more a daily journal than anything else.  It started out as a place to share the small things I found of interest to me on the Internet.  You know, those pages that didn't quite warrant a full blog article, but were to long for the 140 character limit of Twitter.  I seem to vacillate between daily posting, and periodically writing an article there.  At times, I enjoy the freedom of a daily post, then I falter and find myself with nothing to say.  I wonder if it's my dicipline that is faulty, or the creative fog that frequents my thoughts.These days, you can find just about anything there.  I often write about what I'm doing at work, or new things I'm trying in the blogosphere.  It has lived up to it's name, because it's full of a bunch of side notes to my life.

Chihuatude was my first blog, and my introduction to this amazing community of people from all over the world, brought together by a simple Internet connection. I started it to share pictures and fun stories of the 9 Chihuahuas that share my home and heart.  It's amazing to me how such small creatures can wiggle their way into your emotions and become such a huge part of your family. They are our Chi-Ildren, and provide a never ending source of comic relief and unquestioning love.  The Chihuahua is one of the most unique of the K-9 breads.  They are fearless despite their diminutive size, faithful beyond reason, and unbelievably mischievous.  I suppose that is why I love them so much.

Shades Of Reality is my first venture into the realm of Wordpress.  Currently it is a sadly vacant site.  I started it just prior to an unintended hiatus from blogging.  The site is intended to be a collection of my short stories and a few blog novels.  I created it because I have so many ideas floating around inside my thick skull, I sometimes get carried away.  Many of the stories planed for the site are in a very virginal format at the current time.  Really just a few hazy ideas I have jotted down on paper, some of them, I have taken the time to outline and start to develop.  I hope to have some stories posted there in the near future.
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