Why Another Blog

Well here we go again, starting yet another blog, I guess I simply can’t resist. Anyone who knows me knows I dream of the mountains all the time. The mountains just seem to get into your blood, and after living the majority of my life in the mountains of Colorado, what do you expect. I have been called Mountain Dreamer on a few of the social sites I participated in, so I thought why not.

This blog will be entirely about the mountains. Those places that are so special to me, and about how they make me feel. I get pretty spiritual about my mountains, and they can spur some interesting stories. I have posted many a mountain theme article on Ruminations of a Small Town Mountain Boy, and gotten some very good responses. So I thought "why not another blog that is all about the mountains". That is how this site came to be.

Now it has become a passion to keep it solely about the mountains where my spirit is most comfortable and free.  I wish to share those special feelings and emotions I get when I transport myself through thought and memories, back to those very "connected" landscapes.  I'm sure my memories paint them in a light that is far more favorable than reality, but that is how they "feel" to me now.  My love of nature, and the wonders of the wilds, started there, in the high mountains of Colorado.  A place where you can stand at fourteen thousand feet, and look down through the clouds in wonderment at the rest of the world. 

I would like to take a moment to give due credit to the artist responsible for my header image.  I found it while playing around on Personas, a Firefox extension that allows you to dress up your browser with images from a gallery of over 30,000.  Madona is the artists, I enjoy the most.  She has a huge collection of mountain scenery, and some very interesting creations.  Seasons II seemed to fit my idea of the mountain dreams perfectly.

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